Friends of BJP is a national movement driven by India’s rising middle class which is BJP-leaning and willing to be vocal about it. It is an associate organization of the BJP and aspires to be a movement that will steer the formation of an effective and efficient Government at the Centre.

Our identity, objectives, position and responses are governed by a well-defined intellectual and philosophical framework. We believe in Free Markets, Individual Liberty, a Strong National Defense, Foreign Policy driven by Realism and Limited Government.

  • We are foremost and above all for India. Our overarching objective is the security, prosperity and economic development of India with equal opportunity for all Indians.
  • We believe that the individual is the smallest minority. We stand for individual liberty and freedom. This extends to the freedom to practice all religions, and the separation of religion from government. We are proud of India’s cultural heritage, and believe that our civilizational history is a lighthouse for emerging India.
  • We are committed to economic advancement. We believe that private enterprise is the engine that can eradicate mass poverty from India. The Government needs to play the role of an impartial observer and regulator to ensure competition in markets.
  • We stand for a strong and secure India. We believe that the Government should be more proactive in its preparation and robust in its response when it comes to the safety and security of its citizens. We believe India’s defence policy and foreign policy should be driven by the national interest only.
  • We stand for probity and transparency in public life. We believe corruption is caused by excessive government. We believe curtailing the discretionary power of government will dramatically reduce corruption.

Why Friends of BJP ?

  • India should have been a developed country by now.
  • But it is not. Because of flawed government policies.
  • We want India to become a rich, developed nation by 2040.
  • For this to happen, we need new policies across sectors - education, energy, transportation, urbanization and rural infrastructure.
  • This transformation is possible - in our lifetime.
  • For this, the objectives of government have to change.
  • It is well-known that India is the world’s largest democracy but also the world’s largest kakistocracy - ruled by the most corrupt and least principled.
  • The British controlled the Indian economy to extract and exploit it.
  • The British used divide-and-rule policies to subjugate the population.
  • That was British Raj 1.0.
  • Very little has changed. We see it in the looting and scams around us.
  • And we see it in the same divide-and-rule policies in use today.
  • India’s past and present Congress governments are nothing but British Raj 2.0.
  • This must end. The neo-colonial rulers must quit India.
  • For India to develop, the objectives of government have to change.
  • The focus has to be on pro-development and good governance policies.
  • For this to happen, the people controlling the government have to change.
  • The development and governance focus is what we saw when the NDA was in power, and what the BJP-led state governments are doing.
  • We in Middle India need to come together to terminate British Raj 2.0 and get the neo-British to Quit India.
  • We in Middle India must support the BJP.
  • FBJP is the forum working to get Middle India together for the BJP.
  • FBJP is about us, who want to see a developed and united India.
  • FBJP is about us, who are not willing to sit quietly and let the British Raj 2.0 continue.
  • FBJP is for us - to contribute ideas for India’s development.
  • FBJP is for us - to drive the process of change in India.
  • FBJP is the vehicle for us to come together.
  • We at FBJP need your commitment, vote, time and money, so we can transform our nation in a generation.

Dear Friends , Please

Dear Friends ,

Please forward to millions of voters. Congress should be perceived as a pro muslim and anti Hindu party by the voters.

Manmohan Singh: 'Muslims must have first claim on resources'

'Muslims must have first claim on resources'
Press Trust of India, December 09, 2006

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said plans for minorities, particularly Muslims, must have the ‘first claim’ on resources so that benefits of development reach them equitably.

"We will have to devise innovative plans to ensure that minorities, particularly the Muslim minority, are empowered to share equitably the fruits of development. These must have the first claim on resources," he said in his address at the 52nd meeting of the National Development Council (NDC) in New Delhi.


1.Sikhs getting slaughtered in thousand = A MISTAKE.
2. Hindus getting killed in Kashmir = Politica l problem.
3. Muslims getting killed by a few hundred = Holocaust.
4. Poor protestors getting shot in WB under Left Govt = Misunderstanding.

5. Talking about Hindus and Hinduism = Communal.

6. Talking about Muslims and Islam = Secular.

7. Kargil Attack = Government failure.

8. Chinese invasion in 1962 = Unfortunate betrayal.

9. Reservations in every school and college on caste lines = Secular.

10. Reservations in Minority institutions =Communal.

11. Fake encounters in Gujarat [Sohrabuddin] = BJP Communalism.

12. Fake encounters under Cong-NCP in Maharashtra [Khwaja Younus] = Police atrocity.

13. Banning Parzania in Gujarat = Communal.

14. Banning Da Vinci Code and Jo Bole So Nihaal = Secular.

15. BJP freeing 3 terrorists to save 100 Indian hostages = Shameful

16.Congress freeing 4 militants to save just a life of one Daughter of its minister in Kashmir [Rubina Sayed] Political dilemma = Natural Dilemma

17.Attack on Parliament = BJP ineptitude.

18. Not hanging Afzal Guru the mastermind despite Supreme Court orders = Humanity and Political dilemma.

19. BJP questioning Islamic Terrorist Forces = Communal.
20. Congress questioning Lord Ram existence = Clerical Error.

this isalok pratap singh

this isalok pratap singh from pratapgarh up.presently iam working as AGM in LANCO korba chattisgarh .i am B.E. electrical fom MMMEC gorakhpur and on 6-12-1992 i was in college and from then i become strong supporter of BJP .i am winner of state level debats and i having so many ideas to make BJP win in Utter Pradesh. no one can stop BJP WINNING inUP but BJP must put his allefforts for coming LS and assembly elections next year but BJP have to make distance from MAYAWATI.i have already suggested bjp to divide its team for compaign and i have given detail list of leaders whom where to go.this compaign has to handle very smartly for better results .bjp is lagging a state level strong , young spokeman in UP who can raise issues of state strongly to counter the effect of mayawati^s propoganda. she can be defeated easily but compaign aginst BSP have launch very aggressivily.

this alok pratap singh from

this alok pratap singh from pratapgarh up.presently iam working as AGM in LANCO korba chattisgarh .i am B.E. electrical fom MMMEC gorakhpur and 6-12-1992 i was in college and from then i become strong supporter of BJP .i am winner of state level debats and i having so many ideas to make BJP win in Utter Pradesh. to one can stop BJP WINNING inUP but BJP must put his allefforts for coming LS and assembly elections but BJP have to make distance from MAYAWATI.i already suggested bjp to divide its team for compaign and i have given detail list of leaders whom where to go.this compaign has to handle very smartly for better results .bjp is lagging a state level strong , young spokeman in UP who can raise issues of state strongly to counter the effect of mayawati^s propoganda. she can be defeated easily but compaign aginst BSP have launch very aggressivily.

Dear Mr. Piyush, I am kapil

Dear Mr. Piyush,
I am kapil Gupta ,would like to join BJP.presantly I am staying in Gurgaon and seems to be very weak hold of the BJP.Because of NCR I think special concentration is required in Gurgaon,faridabad and Noida.Now a days lot many people come and work in NCR and vice versa for Delhi.They carry very negative impact when BJP does not show ant hold in these regions.Please do some great job in these area it carries reflection on lakhs coming to NCR from Delhi .my contact details are 9312119023 regards

I profoundly influenced by

I profoundly influenced by this innovative approach by a group of professionals who are not the pseudo nationalists. Instead of banking on dynasty idols and their sycophants, BJP is telling the Indians that our country not belongs to a political family and their shrewd, crooked divided and rule politics. Dirty appeasement politics is at its peak. We hope for much needed change. We need self respect and cultural identity that is being lost because of well calculated strategy and its actions by certain western oriented politically biased immature India media and its political mentors in Delhi, bunch of shadowy NGOs headed by double speaking dubious intellectuals and their fund managers in western world.

I firmly believe, by supporting a nationalist political party I am not against any of my fellow citizens who belong to any other religion, caste, creed and my aim is not to demolish any mosque or cultural identity of any other religion as always being painted by family run media outfits and pseudo secularists in our country. As a nationalist, I am bound to treat all my fellow citizens equal with due respect,courtesy and love.

We need progress oriented, honest and disciplined leaders like Shri LK Advani, Mr.Narendra Modi, Mr.Arun Jaitley, Mr.Arun Shourie etc to take forward India to the path of development,prosperity and to self dependence.

We need to educate the illiterate section of educated Indians that India is fast loosing its cultural identity, our morality, self respect, self dependence and our national security. As a professional I would very much like to be part of this initiative. Vande Mataram!.

I fully agree with Piyush's

I fully agree with Piyush's views on Kandahar and also the ABCs posted earlier.
I still cannot forget the proactive role played by all the major media houses during the kandahar episode. If I remember right all these media stalwarts were answering the call of a single boss maybe STAR NEWS. I still remember them asking the Government rather demanding a sort of urgent settlementof the issue. They had brought all the kith and kin of most of the hijacked passengers under one roof and were seen provoking them and instigating them to get the matter resolved at all costs. The electronic media is as shameless as are their secular political bosses. One more glaring example of double standards of the media is when Mr. Arnab Gowsami of Times Now was interviewing Pramod Mutahlik. He asked Muthalik what he had to say about the acts of his goons, goondas adding melodrama into the question. The same journalist after a few weeks was interviewing a gentleman from the otherside of our border, obviuosly a Pakistani. His question went like this " What do you feel when you see young men walking with Kalishnikovs (pardon me for the wrong spelling)" . He is so scared of the AK 47s. Not that i support Muthalik's view point but at the same time i don't support Mr. Arnab's reporting too. He is biased. People who were victims of Kandahar hijack should speak up for the BJP, while all those who lost their kith and kin in Mumbai blasts and elsewhere can still light a candle in front of Taj and continue to vote for the secular congress which has been thriving year after year on the sacrifices of who " THE AAM AADMI HIMSELF ".

Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika

Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt, N Ram, Prannoy Roy, Karan Thapar, Vir Singhvi etc are some of the dangerous traitors living and writing in India. They are dangerous for America, Europe and the rest of the world too in the long run.

Indians need to expose and discredit these media terrorists.

The way incidences are

The way incidences are unfolding Democracy is being taken for a big ride..Media,considered to be un-biased is losing it's ground thoroughly,an erosion we least expect.Regional Parties especially to name of like's RJD,SP,LKP&NCP have opened their pandora's box full of filth and in-decency,do we need people like this to represent India in any of the activities...this beautiful nation had been slave from foreign invasion because of such mean mentalities.Charles Darwin theory "Survival Of Fittest" was for Animal Kingdom but is turning out to be true in it's extremities in Human Kingdom too...no example needed.Respect towards experience and age has been conveniently replaced by Congress as "Youth".. "Youth" is an energy which needs proper direction and intent and that comes with experience. Just misleading this energy can be chaotic...enough of chaos in my Nation...History of India had seen enough of traitors who bought slavery and sorrow,it was history and past we couldn't do anything..but now its time to use our votes as swords to cut off the link of mean minded people from India's Governance. I hope for BJP majority and wish they stand to the right expectation as we all want it to.

Congree ki meherbani se desh

Congree ki meherbani se desh ne kuch aise neta paye hai,
Jiske ulte karmo ka fal hum aaj tak bhugat te aye hai
Kashmir ka mamla UNO lejakar hum aaj tak pachtaye hai
1962 ka Yuddh kya hum aaj tak bhul paye hai
1965 aur 1971 me jaab hamari bahadur Sena ne jeet anokhi payee thi
Lekin Congress ne Jeetihuee Jamin Dushmano ko Sone ki thali mein muft mein dedaali thi
Phir bhi Shimla samjaute ka asisa prachar kiya
Jisko Pakistan ne kai baar manne taak se inkar kiya
1984 ki baat kare to Tyteler aur Saajan (ya durjan)kya kya nahin karwaya tha
Lakin phir bhi usko loksabha ka ticket isbaar bhi mil paya tha
Us jamane mein agar aaj aaisa TV ka jaal hota to
Tyteler Aur Sajjan ka kya haal hota
Dono ka jivan salakho ke piche beet raha hota

125 saal ki budhia kahne

125 saal ki budhia kahne pe
Congress khub khisiyayi hai,
1947 se lekar 1977 tak ke kusashan maein
Musalmanbhai ke halat bad se budtter hue hai
Phir bhi uska dosh nahin woh aisa kahate ayi hai
Musalmanbhai Padhe nahin aur Aage badhe nahin
Aaisi uski sochi samji chhal hai
Bhaiyo aap ko garib aur anapadh rakhker hi
Aapni sarkar etane saal chalae hai
Bhai mere isbaar jara soch kar dekh
BJP ki aur mukh modekar tu dekh
Haamare sapno ka Naya Hindustan banjayega
Tum ko vote bank samajne wala bhar pet pachtayega

Kapil tumhari saath(60)mein

Kapil tumhari saath(60)mein buddhi sathyayi hai,
Tabhi to Modiji ko jail bhejne ki durbuddhi tuj mein ayi hai,
Jaake apna elaz karao,tumhe dimagi bimari hai:
Vyarth ki batein karne ke badle,
Modiji ne apni urja devlopement pe lagai hai,
Aur Gujarat ki janata ne samajdari dikhai hai,
Isiliye gaddi pe BJP ko baithai hai:
Agar chathi ka dudh piya to Jo Modiji ko rakh Sake woh tum jail banao,
Varna chullubhar pani mein dub jao.

WE all must now work hard to

WE all must now work hard to see that BJP gets Max Votes & support. All the best.

My Dear , I have already

My Dear ,
I have already doing Political associations with NCP long back.
I am attaching our profile & looking future give young Generations for BJP & excepting with BJP our bright Political life.



Bio Data

Name: - Manoz K. Keshan

Permanent Address: - 101 ‘A’ block, Saket Plaza, Jamal Road, Patna 800001 Bihar India

DOB: - 20/09/1982.

Weight: - 72 Kg.

Height: - Approx 6 Fit.

Office: - Patna 800001 Phone:-91612 6584247 / 2050306/ direct 2050307.

Cell: - 919334456901.

Mail: - keshanindia@gmail.com / keshanmk@yahoo.co.in

Qualifications: - Management in Human Recourses & Market research developments.

Tech: - highly knowledge Computer programs.

Special knowledge & activities: - Future Plans. Any sectors.

Nationality: - Indian

Political associated relations:

A). 10.08.05 Appointed State VC & Chief Spokesperson of NSC.

B). 05.0209 Appointed of State GS of NYC Bihar.

Press & Media: - Sub. Editor in “THE BROAD “National Monthly Magazine

Hobby: - New creation & developments in rural areas.

Father Name: - Shri Permeshwar Kumar Keshan

Wife: - Poonam Keshan LLB

Child: - 2 Son Mr. Jayant & Mr. Siddartha

Social Activities in:-

1. Rotary international. 1988
2. Health society 1992
3. Marwari Sewa Samiti 1992
4. WHO Anti Rabies Programs
5. Salasar (Rajasthan Govt.) Rural Development
6. Mahila Utahan Sansthan
7. CII
9. London Metal Exchange
10. Old Age Home
11. YMCH
12. Advisory committee of KalaZar Medicine.
14. Child Care & polio Plan Member
15. King Club in Kingfisher

I have also got award from SPAIN Govt. 2007 -2008 best business planning & developments views provided by 35 countries Multinational business houses with Govt. committees.

I have also done our life 1998 / 1999 /2000 for Rotary International for rural Development in various areas.

I am thinking & my aim is Each & Every Town Old age home with old age Cow center for care life.

My all information’s is true as per my knowledge.

Manoz K. Keshan

I Am Girish Kulkarni From

I Am Girish Kulkarni From Maharashtra -BARAMATI Constituionsy Which Is MR.SHARAD PAWAR'S Constituincy.I Am Voter Of BJP last 19 Years.In Last 19 Year's I Have Not Seen Any Work In My Area.If Their Any Work,I HAve Confiedent That BJP Will Swing.

Very Good Composition; By Mr.

Very Good Composition; By Mr. Subash MewarJi. I request him to publish the same at Local Hindi News Papers.

Or atlest make some printed material and distribute within your constituency, and appeal to general people like us, to think of Cong's/UPA's misrule in last 5 years.

Congress I Congress I Kursi

Congress I Congress I
Kursi Haath se fisli Jae
CBI tumhara kaha kar jae
"Chidumberum" bechara jute khae
Satta ke nashe me ho saab chur
Akele election ladne ko majboor
Sangi sathi hue saab dur
Juth bolne ko majboor
Chehre tumhare hue be-boor
Aaam admi ki khokhli baat karnewali
Tum ko aab Mamta ki yaad ayee hai
Jisne Nano Bangal se bhagai hai
Rojgar pane valo ke Mukh ki
Udasi kya tumhe dikh pai hai
Abb tum saab ko ghar bithne ki bari ayee hai
Congress I muh ki khaegi
Aur Agli sarkar BJP ki hi ayegi

Why the BJP is not calling

Why the BJP is not calling any person and relative of the person who was there in that hijacked plane in Kandahar...Congress always opposes the decision of BJP on the hijack episode that they let off 3 terrorist... why the BJP is not asking the Congress that what would they have done at that particular moment...what the Congress would have let those 180 passengers to die for those 3 terrorist....and if the BJP would have not let off those terrorist and such disaster would have happened of 180 passenger killed...this same Congress would have argued on the same Kandhar hijack incident of not handling the crisis properly....In such hijack case no government would have done anything becoz of the situation and the no. of lives at stake.

Samajwadi Party's manifesto

Samajwadi Party's manifesto launched!!!! Things doesn't get worse than this....ban of computers, no technological improvement in agriculture, NO ENGLISH in schools etc etc...and its is the allies of Congress in current UPA government...It will also support the Congress in these Lok Sabha election....Now we should ask the Congress that do they support the manifesto of SP???

Why BJP/NDA ? I'm a

I'm a independent voter and not biased. But I do think that BJP is more better option in today's scenerio as compared to family driven party CONGRESS. The very first diffrence between congress and BJP is its there organizational structure. The way BJP elect there president is very democratic process and will always elect the person who has truly devoted his life for our country for the party and based on his seniority, whereas congress president is superimposed on party where you will not have the space to promote your ideas and views but they will be imposed on you by one family. This is the major diffrence between CONGRESS and BJP. and this also decides after winnig the elections what kind of PM you will get.

shri LK Advani is no doubt the best most eficient candidate to become our PM in today's scenerio. There is no comparison between Manmohan singh and Shri LK advani. Manmohan singh is very elite economist but he is not suitable for PM as PM requires to be self motivated and must have decision making powers, where he is lacking because he is not democratically elected PM but got this position because of grace of mrs sonia gandhi.

Nobody can expect that either mrs sonia gandhi nor Rahul and priyanka will really understand our country internal issues and problems. Because the way they have grown up was not having any connection with this country realities and real problems and just to visit or do rally's will not help them to understand the things in its realities.

I just not only want to target the top line leadership but here i also want to highlight the second line of leadership in BJP and CONGRESS.

CONGRESS is party where you will find majority of leaders either come from Raja families or you will find leaders with criminal background.
Where as in BJP you will find that majority of second line of leadership is comprising of those who have really struggled and have seen this country problems very closely as they came from normal families.

This is something that I know as far as kind of leadership is concerned in both the partiies.
And I will surely give waitage to BJP as its far better in shape than CONGRESS.

There are other things as well which I want to write but because of time constraint I may not continue further but yes I will keep posting here.

Is desh ko jagana hai
Aur BJP ko lana hai

contact 9971998449

More than 600 people have

More than 600 people have been killed and hundreds maimed and devastated in terror strikes in India in the last six years. Following is a chronology

of the major terrorist attacks in the country:

Mumbai, Nov 26, 2008: Several killed and many more injured in seven terror attacks targetting mostly foreigners' hangout places.
Assam, Oct 30, 2008: At least 45 killed (figure can change) and over 100 injured in 18 terror bombings Across Assam.

Imphal, Oct 21, 2008: 17 killed in a powerful blast near Manipur Police Commando complex.

Kanpur, Oct 14, 2008: Eight people injured after bomb planted on a rented bicycle went off Colonelganj market.

Malegaon, Maharashtra, Sep 29, 2008: Five people died after a bomb kept in a motorbike went off in a crowded market.

Modasa, Gujarat, Sep 29 2008: One killed and several injured after a low-intensity bomb kept on a motorcycle went off near a mosque.

New Delhi, Sep 27, 2008: Three people killed after a crude bomb was thrown in a busy market in Mehrauli.

New Delhi, Sep 13, 2008: 26 people killed in six blasts across the city.

Ahmedabad, July 26, 2008: 57 people killed after 20-odd synchronised bombs went off within less than two hours.

Bangalore, July 25, 2008: One person killed in a low-intensity bomb explosion.

Jaipur, May 13, 2008: 68 people killed in serial bombings.

Hyderabad, Aug 25, 2007: 42 people killed in two blasts, at a popular eatery and a public park.

Samjhauta Express, Feb 19, 2007: 66 people killed after two firebombs went off on the India-Pakistan friendship train.

Malegaon, Maharashtra, Sep 8, 2006: 40 people killed in two blasts.

Mumbai, July 11, 2006: 209 people killed in seven blasts on suburban trains and stations.

Varanasi, March 7, 2006: 21 people killed in three blasts including one at a temple and another at a railway station.

New Delhi, Oct 29, 2005: 61 people killed in three blasts on the eve of Diwali.

Mumbai, Aug 25, 2003: 46 people killed in two blasts including one near the Gateway of India.

Gandhinagar, Sep 24, 2002: 34 people killed in the attack on the Akshardham temple.


Dear all, At the outset, let

Dear all,
At the outset, let me extend my hearty wishes and pray for respected L.K. Advani ji for the coming Loksabha election in the Country, as I want to see him as a PM of India.
India needs Advani ji as a PrimeMinister in order to over come all the problems and challenges, be it terrorism or be it curreption, be it powerty or law in order or all other issues confronted by Indian citizons.
I am also perturbed by these fals statements of Congress and other parties of India that BJP is a communal party but here I want to prove that BJP is not but it is Congress who is the biggest communal party in the Country. I wish to ask some simple questions to these so called Secularist party like Congress, where was your Sacularism during the crices of 1984 in India? It is very well known to everyone that some so called great leaders of Congress were involved in this crual insidence witch unfortunately took place against our Sikh brothers and sisters.
I would also ask Congress that what did you do in the matter of ShahBano? and why are you just sitting in lull in the matter of Afsal Guru?
It is our great Congress who doesn't follow the order of our Court. The example of Shahbano case and Afsal Guru clearly shows that how Honest is our Congress and UPA.
They don't have any respect for our law and Court.
So, how can we expect equal law for the Citizons of our Country.
It is nun other than Congress who divided the people of this Country on the bases of reservations and minority.
So in my conclusion, Congress is the biggest communal and non Sacularist party in India.
We need to safe India by casting our vote in favor of the Bhartiya Janata Party.
Friends, I would just shortyly like to tell about myself that I am a young boy of Delhi. Though I have eye sight problem but I can do and doing each and everything like other people in spite of having blindness.
Well I have a strong lust to meet Shri Advani ji in my life. I shall be grately obliged if anyone of you can help me meeting Advani ji once in my life very soon.

Jai Hind!

[...] good’ is justifiable.

[...] good’ is justifiable. Taking inspiration from the anonymous, and despite being a ‘Friend of BJP‘, I have cited 3 reasons why the country needs  UPA Government for one more [...]

I am pasting copy of my

I am pasting copy of my comment given to
Congress (I) web site
I am dedicated supporter of BJP & for the first time I voted for Shri Rajeev Gandhi.But the way he handled Shahbano,Sending military to Srilanka & hosts of other decision then came Bofors which dashed my all hope of an able and clean leader,this made me even more commited supporter of BJP.Even now at every opportunity Your party remembers Godhara but conviniently forgets Shikh Riots.Once you blamed DMK for the Assesination of Shri Rajivji but shamlessly took his support to run your Govt.What about Ram jethmalani who got elected to Rajyasabha & that too with whose Support?CAn one forget Shri Sharad Pawar who raised people of foreign origin can't take higher posts & took his support too.Narayan Rane & sanjay Nirupam are another two exemple of your party's greed for Power.Can your party tell me how many elected representetive in USA/UK or Egypt/Iran stand & take up issue of Hindu in their country? The answer is NON.So why your party dubs us as communal when we speak about majority comunity?During comunal clashes people from both comunity gets killed but your heart burns only for Muslims this double standerd makes us worried and autometically we lean towerds BJP

we indians feel more secure

we indians feel more secure and can have better growth prospects under our minister shri Narendra Modi. A man with great vision and a perfectionist. The kind of developement we have seen under his rule cannot go unnotice.I want the BJP to bring the people who have played blood bath in all the terrosinm act to justice which in our country takes decades. I want all my country people to vote for BJP for a better INIDA.

Lalu nahin bhrastachar ka

Lalu nahin bhrastachar ka bhalu hai Ye
Bol ke palatnewala darpok lalu hai Ye
Varun pe road roller chalwane ki baat karke
Paal me palatne wala darpok lalu hai ye.
Baat baat me jokargiri karne wala
Circuss ka bhaga koi joker hai ye
Nitish ke kaam se daara gaya
Isiliye Paswan ko sath kar gaya
Phir bhi daar nahin gaya to
Mulayam ko bhi sath khada kiya
Aaise darpok ka Bihar mein kya kaam hai
Sonia ki chamchagiri ke siva aur kya kaam hai

Kali mem Kaluti mem, Dambhi

Kali mem Kaluti mem,
Dambhi aur Juthi mem,
Menka ko sanskar ki nasihat denewali mem,
Khud hi yeh bhul jati mem
Uski maa ne aise sanskar diye ki
Janam din pe sabko malum kaise usne paise liye,
Agar maa ka dil rakhti mem
to beghar aur garibo ka Dhan lekar khud ka mahal na banati mem
Agar sachi maa hoti mem
To roti garibo ko roti kapda deti mem
Nahi ki usse kuch leti mem
Baate to Mother Terresa ki Karti mem
Paar kaan ek bhi nek na karti mem
Yeh election ek mauka hai
Ukhad pheko usko yeh ek dhokha hia

सूखा किसान भूखा किसान

सूखा किसान भूखा किसान
क़र्ज़ तले डूबा किसान
किसान रोज़ मरते हैं
कृषि मंत्री क्रिकेट में व्यस्त रहते हैं
२) सरकार ने पोटा हटाया है
क्योंकि वोट बैंक का डर सताया है
पब्लिक मरती है तो मरने मरने दो लेकिन झोली उनकी वोट से भरने दो
३)आंतकियों में ज़ोर है ,क्योंकि ये सरकार कमज़ोर है
४) पूजा खून से लाल है
आम आदमी का बुरा हाल है
किसान जान देते हैं और आंतकवादी जान लेते हैं
ज़िन्दगी यहाँ पे सस्ती है
कांग्रेस के राज में में आंतकियों की मस्ती है
५)१० जनपथ से चलती सरकार
मनमोहन बेचारा है लाचार

1.Sukha Kisan Bhukha

1.Sukha Kisan Bhukha Kisan,
karj tale duba Kisan.
Kisn roj marte hain
Krishimantri Cricket mein vyast rahte hai.
2.Srkar ne POTA hataya hai,
Kyonki VOTE bank ka daar sataya hai.
Public marti hai to marne do lakin joli Unke Vote se bharne do.
3.Atnakiyo mein jorr hai
Kyonki Ye sarkar kamjor hai.
4.Puja khun se lal hai,
Aam admi ka bura haal hai
Kishan jaan datein hai aur aatankwadi jaan lete hai
Jindagi yahan pe sasti hai
Cong I ke Raaj mein atankiyon komasti hai
5.10 janapath se chalti sarkar
Mnmohan bechara hai lachar

Why the BJP is not

Why the BJP is not highlighting the HATE speech of Congress President of Andra Pradesh in which he had said that "those who will say anything against minority(Muslims), he will cut hands of those people"...he also added "I am read to sacrifice my life for minority as because of them I am at this post(Congress state President) and if the minority vote for me again I will get a better one now"...Is this not communal politics??? Now why the NDTV & other so called SECULAR channels are not highlighting this issue? becoz it is against Congress...it is clear that the media is not neutral... they r promoting congress...

Jagdish Tytler was accused in

Jagdish Tytler was accused in 1984.
Many governments came and went since then including the BJP.
Neither party was able to find evidence against him.
Anyway, he may have got a clean chit but his political career was pretty much brought to a stand-still.

I think this website is

I think this website is lacking a section on "guiding principals of the BJP"

This would help citizens understand what it means to be "BJP-leaning"

I think i have an idea but need clarification on the following if i am wrong:

1) India is a hindu majority nation and so non-hindu's must be given a clear status of second-grade citizens

2) We all admire what Narendra Modi achieved both in terms of development and in terms of Muslim bashing

3)Varun Gandhi is our next glimmer or hope

4) Unlike the masthead of this wesite, we prefer only safron. All out ministers rightly sport an 'all-safron' shawl

5) Westernization of society is evil.
Valentines day and women drinking at pubs should be eliminated. FDI in any sector should be disallowed. Mc Donalds is an evil. Consuption of beef should be made ilegal.

6) In India, people belonging to various states should ideally stick to their respective states instead of flocking to the metros

7) Pakistan should be attacked at the soonest

8) Churches that convert hindus should be banned

9) ALL madrasas should be closed down

10) Muslims who prefer stydying in madrasas should leave the country

11) Those who want to convert to christianity must also leave the country

12) Consumption of beef must be made illegal

13) FDI in any industry should be dissallowed

14) Priorotize construction of temples

Shri Piyush Goel I will be

Shri Piyush Goel
I will be glade to friend of BJP. BJP is only national party which is thinking about the growth of country. I will give full support & well-wishing to wining the election.
Prem Sharma

Shoe thrown at Mr. Home

Shoe thrown at Mr. Home Minister shows the situation of law in this country that people have to use such ways to highlight issues...on top of that media bias of not highlighting the issues which will project a negative image of Congress before this Lok sabha election....if it is Gujrat(ghodra) than media is ever ready to publicise anything and everything...I request BJP to raise this issue as much as possible so that people get justice for which they r waiting since last 25 yrs...

Dear Arunji/All

Dear Arunji/All Leaders,

First of all I would like to wish u all the best for the upcoming elections we would like to see our Advaniji as our Prime Minister.

My suggestion:
Now in Karnataka, as BJP having a very good name many big leaders r joining BJP, its a positive thing but some leaders in the BJP itself have struggled and have contributed their lives for BJP and dont ignore thest people for the sake of new joinees.

So please give the importance for the people who have the tatvas of Hindutva, RSS & BJP in their bloods.

Srikanth .K
Bharath Mata ki Jai

What can be done to counter

What can be done to counter the anti-BJP propaganda of these news channels like CNN IBN and NDTV? This is becoming a serious issue because people are largely influenced by what they are shown on TV and form their opinion based on that. If these channels isolate one or two incidents like Varun Gandhi's and play the clip 24x7, voters sentiments will definitely swing away from BJP. Modi's name always comes in connection with Godhra and never do they highlight the significant development in Gujrat that he has done. Blasts in Malegaon are termed as Hindu terror while Mumbai blasts are subjected to root-cause analysis of terrorism and all that crap. These channels are passing off Anti-Hinduism as secularism. Why is BJP not taking serious notice of this biased journalism ?

Also, I dont think people are aware of BJP's Election Manifesto. It should be delivered door to door in a concise form highlighting only relevant segments so that people read it.

1000% RIGHT

1000% RIGHT

ABC analysis of India A:

ABC analysis of India
A: Amar Singh a political businessman(rescue UPA in trust vote). Amar singh supports Batla house people. Calls encounter fake.
B: Bloodbath and bomb blasts that India underwent in 5yrs of misrule.
C: Conversions achieved a vertical growth/china bullies India/corruption has a bulls run/CBI (Congress Bureau of Investigation).
D: Defense deal scam of 10,000 cr. Delhi encounter challenged by secular parties (Congress, SP etc.)
E: Empathy to Olympic winners. No padmashri given.
F: Farmers suicides increased. Failure becomes synonymous with UPA. Food crises arise.
G: GDP goes to the dogs.
H: Hindus feel suffocated.
I: India becomes a punching bag to terrorism/Inflation reaches a record high.
J: Jihadis get free run in India. Jagdish Tytler given clean chit…what for???
K: Killings increase like never before…more than 50 bomb blast in 5 yrs.
L: Left parties quits UPA a political plan. LeT becomes a house hold name. Leadership was missing in UPA.
M: Mumbai attack…it’s India’s 9/11. Media bias reaches new low. Hindu bashing becomes fashion. Media desperately trying to prove and publicize HINDU TERRORISM.
N: Naxalism active in 165 districts of India. The enemy within gets stronger.
O: Political Opportunism not in interest of country whether it is Left or Samjwadi party. Orissa sees communal flare up after killing of Hindu saint. Everything blamed on Hindus.
P: Pakistan continues to finger us and we groan with an impotent cry. Pseudo Secularism a good political stunt.
Q: Quattarochi is helped to escape. Jai Mata Rome(Sonia Gandhi).
R: Rama insulted by karunanidhi. Hinduism again maltreated/River linking project stopped. Rahul Gandhi portrayed as the future Prime Minister of India by Congress and Media(hahaha).
S: Sethusamudram issue hurts feelings of Hindus. Who cares?/Sacher report is a big question. Satyam scam.
T: Terrorism rises like never before. It took more than 700 lives of an AAM Admi for Congress to realize that Mr. Shivraj Patil is not right person for the job. Soft approach hurts us.
U: UPA fails. ULFA makes mockery of a weak centre. Deaths rise.
V: Vote bank politics by Congress(Secular Congress???)…PM Manmohan Singh publicly announced that Muslim’s have 1st right on the resources of India. Vandemateram NOT SUNG by PM and Sonia Gandhi.. National shame…Varun’s arrested under NSA is clear misuse of power.
W: Wealth of India in Swiss Bank. Congress silence is a BIG question.
X: (e)xtremism bleeds our country.
Y: YS Rajsekher Reddy allows funds on line of Haj for Christians to Jerusalem.
Z: Zero development (almost) in many (all) fields.

Only BJP can save us...Members please comment if you agree with me.

What can one say when

What can one say when enlightened minds suddenly discover darkness. It is unfortunate that even educated and people with supposedly broader outlook take pride in aligning themselves with an outfit whise only achievement is division of society.

You pick up the ropes of history and will realize that there is a direct corelation between the rise of extremism and the rise of BJP.

Please dont misconstruce my dislike for BJP as an unconditional love for either the Congress or any other non-NDA player. Lastly, I request all of you to view my comments without recalling my name (a practice we have sadly abandoned since BJP's ascension).


I’ve many techie friends who

I’ve many techie friends who support BJP. I would require to market this group. If I get the soft copies, I will make arrangements for taking prints. Also, I would appreciate if you send me a high resolution logo to my email ID.


Gaddi gai Gaddar nahin, unko

Gaddi gai Gaddar nahin,
unko janta se pyyar nahin.
Jab Mumbai that DAHAL gaya,
Papa,Ritesh aur Ramu TAJMAHAL mein TAHAL gaya,
Janta ke Jalte Jakhmo pe nanmak chidak gaya
Ab unko sabak sikhana hai.
BJP ko har haal mein JITANA hai

Gaddi gi Gaddar nahin, unko

Gaddi gi Gaddar nahin,
unko janta se pyyar nahin.
Jab Mumbai that DAHAL gaya,
Papa,Ritesh aur Ramu TAJMAHAL mein TAHAL gaya,
Janta ke Jalte Jakhmo pe nanmak chidak gaya
Ab unko sabak sikhana hai.
bjp ko har haal mein JITANA hai

i am sachin patil,from

i am sachin patil,from mumbai.i am support to NDA and BJP.

I am Engineer currently

I am Engineer currently working in Kuwait. I have been a active supporter of BJP and the RSS from time remembered. My choice was made strong after the Babri Masjid Demolition during which I was studying in Saudi Arabia. The isolation and hatred put to me during that time by my teachers and classmates gave me more strength to support BJP and RSS.

I am a person from Kerala. But I would like to say that the BJP s work in Kerala is poor. I have instances even after being a supporter of BJP was tortured mentally by the party and its workers who are new since I left. There has been active selling of vote on local basis which I strongly condemn . There needs to be a clean up. My dream of BJP say in Kerala will remain a dream if this continues.

Hoping to see that day.

Can someone seriously take

Can someone seriously take this up as a strategy point with the BJP?

Nishi razdan should change

Nishi razdan should change her name to mohd. nidhi khan as she shamelessly attacks BJP on national tv. I have a piece of advise for the BJP brass --- boycott ndtv, and cnn ibn (congress news networks in bechara india). We shouldnt sent anyone from BJP for debates with them and then their TRP's will disappear and they will feel the jolt financially of hindu bashing which they achieve at the moment very easily on tv.

I hope the minority appeasing

I hope the minority appeasing so-called Hindu's like Kapil Sibal and the remainder of the congress and Laloo, Mian Mulayam and Paswan are sent to a Pakistan like state along with the minority community they keep appeasing -- in 1 year i dont think they will exist after that. They will then know how they will be treated by the people they defend openly against Hindu's in "SECULAR" India. They will come to know what 500,000 Kashmiri Hindu's feel and have come to know the muslim majority kashmiri's

I hope the BJP is supported

I hope the BJP is supported by everyone and everyone who supports the BJP DOES GO OUT and VOTE this time and the complacency of 2004 in which, only 52% people voted, which ultimately cost NDA power doesnt happen this time. Most Hindu's are with the BJP (i hope) and its the silent majority who doesnt vote that becomes an issue, due to which minority appeasing pays dividends for congress, sp, bsp and the works. We should aim to destroy congress, which doesnt have any roots left within India and its high time we get out of the complacent white self serving dynasty driven politics in India. Jai Hind.

Dear Arun Jee This is

Dear Arun Jee
This is Sandeep a PG in HR and presently leading the HR vertical for a leading Business group belongs from Uttar Pradesh. Sir, therefore its high time to do FMEA
(Failure mode effect analysis) for the mistakes which occurred in last elections.

Here I want to bring your kind attention that its mandatory to do some extensive hard work in Uttar Pradesh to achieve the targets in U.P. Followings are few suggestions to make this possible from my side...

1- In place of putting our efforts on all 80 seats of UP Lets do ABC analysis of all parliamentary seats and identify minimum 50 places as low hanging fruits which we may be converted as Won seats,
2- Develop a core team (24*7) under your personal observation & guidance for these entire 50 places.
3- Strategic utilization of all mass puller ( Yogi Aditya nath,Varun Gandhi,Uma Bahrti) , here I request you personally to speak to Uma Bharti to take her help in Bundelkhand and Purvanchal.


Hi, I've become a member


I've become a member of this group. I've many techie friends who support BJP. I would require to market this group. For that I need some posters or some other marketing materials to create awareness. If I get the soft copies, I will make arrangements for taking prints. Also, I would appreciate if you send me a high resolution logo to my email ID.

Thanks & regards,

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