Friends of BJP is a national movement driven by India’s rising middle class which is BJP-leaning and willing to be vocal about it. It is an associate organization of the BJP and aspires to be a movement that will steer the formation of an effective and efficient Government at the Centre.

Our identity, objectives, position and responses are governed by a well-defined intellectual and philosophical framework. We believe in Free Markets, Individual Liberty, a Strong National Defense, Foreign Policy driven by Realism and Limited Government.

  • We are foremost and above all for India. Our overarching objective is the security, prosperity and economic development of India with equal opportunity for all Indians.
  • We believe that the individual is the smallest minority. We stand for individual liberty and freedom. This extends to the freedom to practice all religions, and the separation of religion from government. We are proud of India’s cultural heritage, and believe that our civilizational history is a lighthouse for emerging India.
  • We are committed to economic advancement. We believe that private enterprise is the engine that can eradicate mass poverty from India. The Government needs to play the role of an impartial observer and regulator to ensure competition in markets.
  • We stand for a strong and secure India. We believe that the Government should be more proactive in its preparation and robust in its response when it comes to the safety and security of its citizens. We believe India’s defence policy and foreign policy should be driven by the national interest only.
  • We stand for probity and transparency in public life. We believe corruption is caused by excessive government. We believe curtailing the discretionary power of government will dramatically reduce corruption.

Why Friends of BJP ?

  • India should have been a developed country by now.
  • But it is not. Because of flawed government policies.
  • We want India to become a rich, developed nation by 2040.
  • For this to happen, we need new policies across sectors - education, energy, transportation, urbanization and rural infrastructure.
  • This transformation is possible - in our lifetime.
  • For this, the objectives of government have to change.
  • It is well-known that India is the world’s largest democracy but also the world’s largest kakistocracy - ruled by the most corrupt and least principled.
  • The British controlled the Indian economy to extract and exploit it.
  • The British used divide-and-rule policies to subjugate the population.
  • That was British Raj 1.0.
  • Very little has changed. We see it in the looting and scams around us.
  • And we see it in the same divide-and-rule policies in use today.
  • India’s past and present Congress governments are nothing but British Raj 2.0.
  • This must end. The neo-colonial rulers must quit India.
  • For India to develop, the objectives of government have to change.
  • The focus has to be on pro-development and good governance policies.
  • For this to happen, the people controlling the government have to change.
  • The development and governance focus is what we saw when the NDA was in power, and what the BJP-led state governments are doing.
  • We in Middle India need to come together to terminate British Raj 2.0 and get the neo-British to Quit India.
  • We in Middle India must support the BJP.
  • FBJP is the forum working to get Middle India together for the BJP.
  • FBJP is about us, who want to see a developed and united India.
  • FBJP is about us, who are not willing to sit quietly and let the British Raj 2.0 continue.
  • FBJP is for us - to contribute ideas for India’s development.
  • FBJP is for us - to drive the process of change in India.
  • FBJP is the vehicle for us to come together.
  • We at FBJP need your commitment, vote, time and money, so we can transform our nation in a generation.

Doing the same thing over and

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting improvement is the definition of insanity.

In order to counter or eliminate terrorism from Af-Pak region, America flushed it with more military and economic aid. That assistance went
directly to the terrorists. Instead of that, Obama should come out with a different programme. It should flood Af-Pak region with massive educational upliftment of the people. The moment people are educated, they will themselves counter the terrorism. This education is more important for the girls in that region, who are kept under bondage.

Even the government of India and all political parties should wake up and start the programme for educating the poor, particularly the minorities. The political parties should aim at 100% education of the girls in the minority community. That will uplift the minority, both intellectually as well as from the point of view of their economic status. This education has to be modern education and not madrasa education.


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