Big Ideas for India’s Development

  • Minimal Government, Maximum Governance
  • Empowering people, not Entitlements
  • Citizen involvement in local governance
  • Liberalisation of economy to unleash entrepreneurs
  • Food security through a 10X increase in productivity
  • $100B investment in solar energy R&D
  • Social security payments via universal cash transfers
  • 100 new, green and smart cities
  • 5,000 Rural Infrastructure & Services Commons
  • Liberalisation of the Education Sector
  • Healthcare for all via universal insurance and services
  • 10,000 kms of high-speed train track across India
  • Open Data, Open Government


2040 is too far.

Make 5 year plans for next 10 years.
Give maximum emphasis to gainful long term employment sectorwise.
Second priority should be education.
Third constructive rural development.

If you can involve CEPT University Ahmedabad in this exercise, they can develop integrated
plan including
No floods
No congestion on roads.
Less dependence on babus, who are a major cause of wasteful expenditure.
Fast disinvestment .
Faster industrilization

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