Arvind Kejriwal resorts to only falsehoods about Gujarat

by BJP's press release

The BJP strongly condemns the rank falsehood being resorted to by Shri Arvind Kejriwal about Gujarat development which is designed to gain cheap publicity in the media. It is indeed incurious that Mr. Kejriwal has never raised any questions about any inquiry against Smt. Sonia Gandhi or others congress leaders in the Augusta Westland Helicopter bribery case inspite of so much evidence and facts having come to light during the inquiry in the Italian Court. Obviously he will never do because from the suspicious circumstances of his political posturing it is becoming increasingly evident that Mr. Kejriwal is acting as a front of Congress.
In view of the repeated falsehood of Mr. Kejriwal it is appropriate to put the record straight.

  2. The Standing Committee of Finance of Parliament headed by the BJP leader Sh. Yashwant Sinha has seriously questioned the Gas pricing policy and sought review of the same including subjecting Gas Producers to closer regulation especially on cost recovery etc and keeping consumer interesting in mind. Even the Gujarat Energy Minister Sh. Saurabh Patel has expressed his opposition to gas pricing which would lead to increased rates. However, by making reckless allegation Mr. Kejriwal is showing his bias in favour of continued huge import of Natural Gas at high prices from large multi-national companies.

  4. The agriculture growth rate in Gujarat under Sh. Narendra Modi, according to Planning Commission is 11% where as the country’s average growth is 3%. 50% of land in Gujarat is drought prone but because of great initiative taken by Narendra Modi Government there has been remarkable increase of 68% in the gross irrigated area in Gujarat where as the country’s average is 15% (Source: Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI). The income of farmers because of all this has risen greatly.

  6. When Shri Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister, the dropout rate in Primary education was as high as 20% which has come down to meagre 2.04% in 2012-13. 99% of schools in Gujarat have electricity Vs 50% nationally, 89% of schools in Gujarat have boundary walls vs 58% nationally, 98% of schools in Gujarat have girl’s toilets vs 75% nationally. Gujarat has 33624 Government primary schools with 2.04 lakh teachers.
    The health budget in Gujarat has seen an increase of 400%. Because of big initiative like Chiranjeevi Yojana, Baal Sakha Yojana, there has been significant declined of infant mortality rate (IMR). As per release by Registrar General 2013, it is 33% in Gujarat in comparison to 30% all India. Infact the IMR was 60 in 2001 but in the next 11 year had been reduced to 38%.

  8. The Jyoti Gram Yojna, which has been widely appreciated is providing 24X7 power to more than 26,000 villages in Gujarat. The Gujarat Government has given over Rs. 2250 Cr as subsidies for electricity connection from which around 10 Lakhs farmer have benefited. From 1960-61 to 2001-02 in a span of 40 years, only 7.33 lakhs connections were released whereas the last 10 years, the Gujarat Government has released 4.4 lakh connections and especially during the last 3 years 2.5 lakh connection have been released. This is on the government’s top priority. Arvind Kejriwal may kindly check up how many connections are yet to released in Delhi?

  10. In 2001 according to Govt. India Survey 20.04% Small Scale Industries in Gujarat used to shut down in Gujarat. In 2006 this number came down 12.27%. After 5 years when the GoI failed to do any survey, Gujarat Government did a sample survey and the number of shut down has further come down to 5.24%. Today there are more than 5 lakh active and thriving small scale and medium scale industries (SMEs/MSMEs and SSI) in Gujarat.
    Dr. HP Kumar (Chairman & Managing Director, National Small Industries Corporation) has publically stated that the small-scale industry growth in the nation is 19-20% whereas Gujarat is seeing 85% growth in the sector.”
    PSU – In Gujarat because of good governance even the Public Undertakings are making good profit. In 2001 they made a loss of Rs. 2720 Crore while the same companies turned a profit of Rs. 4041 Crores in 2012-13.
    The per capita income in Gujarat has grown at the highest rate in the country

  12. As per the Report on Second Annual Employment & Unemployment Survey (2011-12)” published by Government of India, Labour Bureau, Chandigarh (Ministry of Labour & Employment) on 29th May 2012: the unemployment rate is estimated to be 38 (per 1000 persons) at All India Level under the UPS approach while the unemployment rate is estimated to be 10(per 1000 persons) in Gujarat, which is the lowest unemployment rate in the country.
    As per NSS 68th Round All India Survey on Employment and Unemployment in India, published in June 2013: Gujarat has the lowest unemployment rate in the country.

  13. Good Governance
  14. All this growth is happening because there is good governance, transparency, decisions taken on merits, no policy paralysis, no corruption, no red tapism or favouritism. There is a general helpful atmosphere for investment and growth. It is because of this that domestic or international investors are so keen to invest in Gujarat. The Land Acquisition Model has been appreciated even by the Supreme Court.
    Even the water distribution is being done in a fair manner. Not only the unfertile lands of Gujarat have been given a  big boost in irrigation potential for farmers even the Narmada’s waters are being distributed very judiciously. Out of the 9 million acre feet of water in Narmada award, 0.2 million acre feet is reserved for industries and last year only 0.031 million acre feet of Narmada waters for drinking water. Remaining 7.94 million acre feet is meant for agriculture. Mr. Kejriwal is wrong and making false allegations even on these issues.

  16. Gujarat Government has made excellent arrangement for infrastructure and inputs especially water and has been able to avoid farmer suicides. In Andhra Pradesh 7303 farmers have committed suicide while Maharashtra recorded 10,264 deaths. These two states are Congress ruled therefore, Mr. Kejriwal does not raise any issue here because he takes the help of Congress. However, Mr. Rahul Gandhi raised the same false issue in the Vidhan Sabha election and lost very badly and now Mr. Kejriwal is doing the same knowing fully well that Gujarat is not known for farmer’s suicide.

    The fact that governance under Sh. Narendra Modi has an excellent track record in Gujarat does not need any certificate from Mr. Kejriwal. So many surveys of reputed magazines, channels, bodies have repeatedly adjudged Sh. Narendra Modi as best Chief Minister in the Country.
    Mr. Kejriwal first must answer the way he mal-governed in Delhi, he misled the people asked them not to pay electricity bill, did not make any provision in the budget and today the court is taking a very strong view on the same and people are feeling cheated. He came to power upon the crutches of Congress and ran away after 49 days.

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BJP's press release

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