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Friends of BJP invites questions for meetings on Saturday  with Mr Arun Jaitley in Mumbai & Pune. In addition, to impromptu questions during these meetings, we want to obtain maximum interaction with the senior BJP leadership. Therefore, we will try to collect questions, club them in groups, obtain answers and send replies back. You may enter your question as a comment to this post. We would also appreciate if you indicate your name and city, although should you choose not to, we would still welcome your questions.

In reference to :SONUA on

In reference to :SONUA on March 2nd, 2009 7:21 pm

78-Bhadohi lok sabha, U.P, Sub: tactful inter-party politics in bhadohi BJP

Latest update is:


BSP:55,000 votes

sp:60,000 votes

BJP: 14,493 votes(jamanat-jabt)

BSP legged by 5000 votes to sp.SP WON

bsp chief mAYAWATI ji took action within 24hrs, by changing the future lok-sabha contestant "SURYAMANI TIWARI". It is the victory of above mentioned "strong bsp hand" as told earlier. However it is real care of any organisation soul.

Above mentioned “BHADOHI,U.P, failed M.L.A”(gorakhnath pandey) left bjp and moved to be BSP contestant.

On another hand BJP with 14,493 votes(jamanat-jabt) is sleeping in confusion of Anti-incumbency factor for future fight, as waited for delhi from last two period.

On conclusion, i think: is there any mai-baap(mother-fater) of this party. Definitely due to ideal political thought by public, hope is always trying on BJP. This hope is not due to performance of bjp, but due to non-availability of any more good party.

Only becoz of this reason, bjp is breathing under this active political system, otherwise there is no logic of BJP-EXISTANCE. BJP is party like govt. dept.BJP party man seat on this party-train for their mean & leave as per the requirement of their dynasty.


Make 1 resolution as suggestion: most of NETAS BORN BY RAM-LEHER, should be consoled for rajya-sabha allotment. But for more rajy-sabha, more lok-sabha seats r reqrd. For more lok-sabh, bring local potential youngs at battle-ground.Definitely this experiment will b productive to get more lok-sabha in order to produce more rajya-sabha seat to honour NETAS launched by RAM_LEHER.NETAS launched by RAM_LEHER should be given duty of campaigning and election management.

All formation had been provided to shri RAMAPATI ji and KALRAJ JI, but i think they didn;t care becoz of their personal interest. Their role is very "doubt-ful".

Renu, Shayad aapko nahi


Shayad aapko nahi malum ki BJP/NDA ke shasan mein desh ki aarthik sthiti aur vayavastha kaisi thi.Global recession 2008 se aayee hai.Eske pahle jab se UPA ne satta sambhali hai 2004 se tab se hi mahngayee desh mein badhati rahi hai.Waise Congress ke baare mein ek proverb prachalit hai--"Congress has been always a mother of high inflation"

With Regards

Renu, Agree with your post


Agree with your post of 16th March. But we must ask questions to political parties.We must not give up.We must expose their perfidy and duplicity.Actually we need Less of Government and more of Governance but we get the opposite.


Mentioned prices were

Mentioned prices were resultant of global circumstances & situations but not by political performance. public hadn't cry but they self-adjusted, in manner which they are bearing for this country as like corruption,secret-governance.

now-a-days Public stand for only "AAM AADMI" who is always engaged in "ghar chalana hai yaar".They r silent becoz of political situation. They want to be safe and secure in India. Now They don't have any faith or expectation in any political party. They are making only turnover of available political parties to stop corrupted monopoly.

Now listen one more interesting that: these parties also know about above facts about "their political turnover" by public. That is why they don't try to perform. They know; our turn will come to us after 2 or 3 periods without any efforts. In meanwhile these parties only blame or criticise other parties on public issues instead of their corrupted-governance of rival party.

We don't need bore development, but firstly we indians needs "REPAIR TO SYSTEM".

Don't try to assess any party on price or inflation basis.take care.

Pls free to question

Renu, Althouh your Q is to


Althouh your Q is to Mr.Jaitley let me take a shot at your statement. Haven't you forgotten 2008 when inflation was at 13%. Hey that was not BJP govt. Just check the price of Wheat , Rice , Pulses, Potato , Samosa , Chat plate , bus/rick fare etc in 2003 and 2009. They have more than doubled. What about EMI? It was 800/1 lac for 20 year loan which went to 1200/1 lac during UPA.

About AT efforts , UPA has conceded that their home minister couldn't perform for 4 1/2 years in countering terror and was forced to resign. Further POTA was disbanded by UPA in 2004 and reinstated in 2009. This show UPA is clueless in dealing with AT efforts. Were you more insecure in 2003 and 2009? I can guess your answer.

I don't care who rules. But I want to be safe and secure in India. I want price of groceries to be reasonable and a low interest regime.



DEAR aruniji, I

DEAR aruniji,
I am pavadai rajan from pondicherry,At the age of ten itself i work for VHP,my suggestion ji,the party is weak in south ,we motivate youth and develop the party through youth, now itself youth are very active .The party develop youth through friends of bjp,LK ADVANI VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME etc..But also in the Field works.

Dear Sir, I am a software

Dear Sir,

I am a software engineer from Chennai, aged 23, I have not voted in any elections so far but I am planning to vote this time.
I would like to ask two questions to you sir:
1. I am totally fed up with this current Congress government mainly due to the lack of security we have. The Mumbai attack was the last one which left me in a state of trauma for days. I am sure only the geographical distance which separates us from the so called “jihadists” is an important safety feature we have.

1.1 If BJP forms the central government after this election, what are the proactive steps you will implement to ensure the real safety for us from these terrorists?
1.2 Will you bring back POTA law or will create a stronger one than POTA and implement it?

2. How will your Government, if elected, curb (now rapidly growing) internal terrorism?

Thank you,
Karthick P

Dear Jaitleyji, I am

Dear Jaitleyji,

I am from Chennai. The burning problem
in the hearts of people of Tamilnadu now is the plight of Srilankan Tamils. People here feel that the congress leadership in Delhi is trying to take revenge on the tamils for the death of Shri Rajiv Gandhi .

No doubt it is an unfortunate and sad event. But it is not fair to go all out against the entire tamil race just to satisfy the ego of congress leadership .

People in Tamilnadu hope that
a change of govt. at Delhi may change the scenerio. If BJP leadership makes a firm policy statement that if they are voted to power, they will bring all these atrocities on tamils to an end - BJP will be felt very nearer to heart by all Tamilians and you can see the result in parliamentary elections.

BJP apne shasan kaal mein

BJP apne shasan kaal mein bahut kuch muddey se chuk gayee.Hindutva aur hindu sanskriti ke liye kuch nahi kar payee.Kya karan hai BJP apne shasan kaal mein desh ke pavitra nadiyon ki safai ke liye kuch nahi kar payee?Yadi sirf desh ke dharmik mahatva ki nadiyon ke liye kuch kar paati to mujhe pura vishwas hai BJP ke voters ya samarthakon ki sankhya apane aap badh jaati.Yadi kisi karanvas yah pavitra kaam nahi kar payee to jahan jis rajya mein BJP ki sarkar hai wahan(yadi koi dharmik mahatva ki nadi hai to) ke Mukhya mantri ko chahiye ki wo es kaam ko apne haathon mein le aur antim parinaam tak pahunchaye.Dhanyabaad---JAI SHREE RAM

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