Two Focus Areas: Ideas and Members

  • Ideas
    • Counter centre-left narrative & English media, by educating people on India’s real history and understanding of our problems
      • “Why is India Poor?”
      • Empowerment vs Entitlements
    • Build an alternative narrative for India’s governance and development
      • Market success stories in BJP-ruled States and from BJP 1998-2004
      • GULAB: Gujarat-Led Advancement of Bharat
    • Be an alternate source of new ideas and policy inputs to the BJP
    • Ideas + Communications Team
  • Members
    • Drawn from Middle India: Young, Educated, Urban Professionals
    • Drive word-of-mouth spread
    • Volunteer Network for door-to-door, person-to-person persuasion
    • Ensure Voter Registration and Voting
    • Encourage microDonations
    • Engagement Teams (On-ground, Digital)

Opinion Poll


  • Do you think Congress is serious about ensuring safety for women ?



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